The Everlasting-Contrast;
Dark. Light. God. Lucifer. Heaven. Hell. GOOD. BAD. Yes, the Ever-lasting contrast. Since existence has known, the 'fight' between good & evil has continued. Obviously, this fight can never end. Good things turn bad, bad things become good.
My fav. contrasting symbol, because it is so true & means so much - the battle between good & bad never ends... The tragedy that is Dylan Klebold.


What are your Sun/Moon and Rising signs?

Sun: Capricorn, Moon: Gemini, Rising: Scorpio

Why would Robyn Anderson buy three guns?

She was exceptionally bright, taking tough classes such as calculus and Advanced Placement English at Columbine High School.

She had a 4.0 grade-point average and was in the running to be Columbine’s valedictorian, said her best friend, Tiffany Burk, 18, a senior.

And she was identified this week as the gun-buying prom date of Dylan Klebold, 17. He and his pal Eric Harris, 18, used the guns to kill 13 people and themselves in the April 20 Columbine High School killings.

On Wednesday, authorities narrowed the connection between Anderson, 18, and the guns.

"We have confirmed at this point that she did buy three weapons, those being the long guns — the two shotguns and the rifle," Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Davis said.

Anderson was in the school parking lot when the shooting started, possibly headed to lunch, Burk said. Anderson told her friend she spent the aftermath of the shootings huddled in her car for three hours.

"She was actually in the parking lot underneath her car seat because she heard firing," Burk said.

Anderson lives with her mother. Her parents are divorced and she has two older sisters, one a 1997 Columbine graduate who is now in college.

Burk said Anderson and Klebold were pals, confidants. Their relationship was close, but not romantic, she said.

"They were incredibly kind to one another. Dylan had tons and tons of respect for Robyn," Burk said. "She was someone who he confided in."

Anderson and Klebold joined several couples in a limousine for Columbine’s April 17 prom.

Anderson told her friend they had a “wonderful time … and Dylan was being a little more chivalrous that night,” Burk said.

Burk, who’s been close friends with Anderson since the two met in freshman geometry, said she cannot fathom that Anderson knew of the deadly plans by Klebold and Harris when she purchased the guns.

The shootings left her unbelieving, Burk said. “She was very shocked, completely stunned.”

She recalled Anderson and Klebold joking around about how “the jocks think they owned the school.”

Other students say Anderson is shy, but pleasant. Normal. Now that authorities have named her as the source of most of the firepower, she has vanished.

So far, police say, she’s a witness, not a suspect.

Supplying guns used in a killing is a violation of federal law. If the buyer knew the guns were going to be used in a crime, it’s a felony.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said that federal and state prosecutors would work to determine how to handle possible charges against Anderson, but nothing is final.

Troubling questions remain about how much Anderson knew.

In Columbine’s senior class photo, she and Klebold have their arms around each other’s shoulders, laughing wildly.

Stephanie Hommel, a junior, was in German class with Anderson and had shared hotel rooms with her during a class trip to Munich in March.

"She didn’t strike me as a person who would go out and buy guns," Hommel said.

Anderson and Hommel joked around a lot on the trip, talked about everyday stuff like boys.

John Savage, a senior who narrowly escaped being shot that day, also knew Anderson. “She was always pretty nice to me,” Savage said.

"I don’t think she would have bought them (the guns) if she would have known what they were going to be used for," Savage said.


"I don’t think she hated Columbine."

Anderson’s mother, Kay Anderson, teaches elementary school for Littleton Public Schools, spokeswoman Karla Langton said. Langton refused to identify the school, on advice of an attorney.

Neighbors of the Andersons say she and her mother had lived in their home a year or two.

Residents mostly knew of the family because parents of young children got angry about teens, especially boys, speeding in and out of Anderson’s driveway.

Other than that, there was never anything suspicious about her, they said.

"She looks as normal as any teen-ager, long blond hair, whatever," said a neighbor who asked not to be named.

source: southcoasttoday “Alleged gun buyer known as bright, shy student (via peoplearesounaware)    

"I know that i am different, yet i am afraid to tell the society." - Dylan Klebold


"I know that i am different, yet i am afraid to tell the society." - Dylan Klebold

everythinginane said:
Not that I expect it to change much, but I can't agree. Dylan truly loved himself, and everything he said was in line with respecting his own introverted, mind-based nature, and hating the culture of power, greed, promiscuity around him. "zombies seek greed and acceptance." His fashion was expressing alienation. When I read his journal I see his endless attempts to express feeling left behind/out.. left to die, for his devotion. I can't understand how people can't see this. But thanks :)

Again, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts even though you seem a tad frustrated in conveying your point. :) I was wondering if you can describe how you’ve definitively reached your conclusion? I think where we might differ is that you believe Dylan loved himself as a constant, and that that had never stopped, whereas, I see him as loving himself but then over time, with all the noise going on around him, it was a slow rejection of self love and apathy. His journal is an evolution of coping mechanisms: expressing feelings of inadequacy, comparing himself to others that by contrast were the exact opposite of himself, the jocks, followed by an acute reactions of jealousy, hatred and, lastly, elevating himself as supreme against the archenemies that he could never hope to be. I could possibly see what you interpret as ‘loving himself’, as a form of remaining true himself, by way of an epiphany that since he could never be perceived or accepted as part of ‘humanity’ that he would then express self love by protecting his very being. The only way to do so would be, as he essentially put it, ‘to jump off the cliff and float away to the halcyons.’ To preserve the entity he was by deciding to opt out, to no longer play the game on the earth with others who didn’t understand him, his true nature. Is that where you are coming from in your conclusion that Dylan was unwavering and devoted to his true self, to loving himself in totality? If so, then it might be a matter of perspective and that we are coming from different semantic angles and arriving essentially at the same point. One thing is for certain, Dylan had many fascinating layers of complexity. I can’t really conclude that it’s either this way or that, black or white or a matter of either loving himself or not. It could just as easily be coexisting contradictions which is what makes him endlessly fascinating to me! If this isn’t where you are coming from, please do feel free to express what you mean. I’d be interested in your person interpretation. :) Feel free to post publicly or private.

When we we read Shakespeare, he would always get the hidden meaning.
a classmate about Dylan Klebold (via peoplearesounaware)    


7 Portraits of Dylan Klebold

By: Robert Priseman

wow.. but that last one though, not quite right.


I like these gifs of Dylan, mr 90’s cool dude ;). But why is it everytime I look at him It’s like I can feel him thinking ‘WHAT do I DO with these ARMS…should I cross them, put ‘em on my hips…maybe I’ll let them hang’ lmao

everythinginane said:
Psychologically, calling someone with grievances of the "nerd" archetype "insecure" is victim blaming- to take their feelings of enslavement, dehumanization, abandonment, and shift blame from perpetrators onto the victim: "it's YOUR fault for feeling that way." To belittle. It's no wonder why the nerd archetypes receive this label more then the macho (who deserve it most) in a power hungry society. But it's backwards. Meekness is a GOOD thing...Dylan was expressing exactly that, not self hate.

I would agree with your observation. The way I see it, Dylan was operating in his most natural, core form: he was perceived as ‘shy’, timid and gentle as a little boy and preteen. Hubristic antitheses past judgment on his innate qualities since it’s foreign to their own nature. Projected on to him is the conclusion: the nerd, smart, quiet kid. The insecure, meek and mild one, automatically considered the blaring weak link in Middle/High School. I do think that yes, Dylan internalized the pigeonholing which transformed into self loathing and shame because he concluded himself inadequate, ‘different’ i.e. not masculine or aggressive enough. The adoption of wearing his uniform or armor -the black trench and sunglasses on an almost daily bases - was a way to puff himself up and shield himself from feelings of vulnerability. If others hadn’t underscored the opinion that he was not strong and aggressive enough, he could’ve embraced his true self as equally worthy. The shy, gentle, intellectual sort generally have to deal with the, unfortunately, typical societal pressures to conform by those brasher that exert their will.

By the way, I love your artwork. :)


After the introductory scene, we follow Eric and Dylan through their Diversion program, derived from the actual Diversion documents.



(“Session 1: April 14, 1998” projected.)

VOICE (REBEL & PREP): State your name.

DYLAN: Dylan Bennet Klebold

VOICE: And tell me again why I am seeing you together today?

DYLAN: I thought my dentist’s appointment was in the morning—

ERIC: But it wasn’t. Dylan messed up the time, so I told him to come to my two-thirty appointment.

True story. LOL. What are friends for?

My favorite Columbinus dialog of all your posts! Much of it taken straight from their mouths and condensed into a perfect progressive snapshot.


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…not to mention 5 planets in Libra. ;)

"The ups & down of fate are forever, good & bad equal me.." (everlasting contrast symbol)

—Dylan Klebold

"The ups & down of fate are forever, good & bad equal me.."
(everlasting contrast symbol)
—Dylan Klebold

msdylanklebold said:
Once you get this you must share 5 random facts about yourself. Then pass it on to your ten favorite followers. xx

1. Peonies are my favorite flowers. I try to have a weekly bouquet during the very short season.

2. I love the scent of violets; I own a signature perfume that smells of violets and licorice. I’m especially a sucker for unusual blends from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Traditional perfume? Nope. I usually get a headache.

3. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Yes, Daryl Dixon
is The Fierce.

4. I’m a Breast Cancer survivor

5. I love to picnic in vast, old cemeteries especially on brooding days. :)

“The framework of society stands above & below me. The hardest thing to destroy, yet the weakest thing that exists. I know that i am different, yet i am afraid to tell the society. The possible abandonment, persecution is not something I want to face, yet it is so primitive to me. I guess being yourself means letting people know about inner thoughts too, not just opinions & fashions. I will be free one day, in the land of purity & my happiness, I will have a love, someone who is me in a way. Someday… Possibly thru this life, maybe another, but it will happen…”

Nice set. The six sides of Dyl. Too good to not post. :)


What fun is life without a little death? — As translated in La logique du massacre: Derniers écrits des tueurs de masse, which translates nearly the whole of Dylan and Eric’s (released) diaries into French.


Since this is Bastille Day, I think it’s kind of appropriate. Also, it’s Brooks…



"Dylan and Eric Ending" on the shopping list. …. Fuck :’/

That’s not a shopping list. It’s the list of what order items would be thrown on the bike in the Car Wax video they made. Dylan and Eric came on at the end and attacked the bicycle, then the video ended.

See?  According to VoDkA, the correct order is:'Dylan and Eric' not 'Eric and Dylan.' ;)



"Dylan and Eric Ending" on the shopping list. …. Fuck :’/

That’s not a shopping list. It’s the list of what order items would be thrown on the bike in the Car Wax video they made. Dylan and Eric came on at the end and attacked the bicycle, then the video ended.

See? According to VoDkA, the correct order is:
'Dylan and Eric' not 'Eric and Dylan.' ;)