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Dylan’s Room

Dylan’s older brother Byron, went to a private high school before transferring to Columbine when he was a senior and graduating in 1997. When Byron moved into an apartment in 1998, Dylan inherited his bedroom. He repainted the room, two black facing walls and two white facing walls with red shutters on the windows. He stocked a miniature refrigerator that had been a 17th birthday gift from the family with candy bars and Dr Pepper. Dylan hung posters of Roger Clemens and Lou Gehrig on the walls, along with music groups and models. One poster described how to make cocktails.
And there was your typical teenage pile of dirty laundry”, Nate Dykeman said.


When asked about Dylan’s room and any wall decorations, the Klebold’s indicated that they never saw anything unusual in Dylan’s room and thought that it was normal for a 17 or 18 year old boy. The Klebold’s said that Dylan had a Nine Inch Nails poster and another poster of a woman in a leopard bikini. The Klebold’s said that Dylan also had three sports pictures regarding baseball (Roger Clemens, Lou Gehrig) and also had some street signs. Mrs. Klebold indicated that Dylan had a poster of Marilyn Manson and that she asked him about it, and in particular asked him what it meant. Dylan had told her that it didn’t mean anything and that he didn’t really listen to lyrics of Marilyn Manson music, however, did listen to the music. The Klebold’s indicated that Dylan liked Techno music, which Mr. Klebold described as “machine made music.” In particular, Dylan liked Rammstein and KMFDM.


Dylan’s second-floor bedroom had a window seat that was painted black, and a tiny refrigerator stocked with candy bars and Dr. Pepper that had been a 17th birthday gift from his parents, said Devon Adams, 16, a close friend. The boy who nicknamed himself Vodka after his favorite drink had a ”Shooters” poster that described how to make cocktails. Friends frequently slept over and joked that the Klebolds’ home was their ”country house.”


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